1. Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel Data Processing in the Cloud.

2. Adaptive Provisioning of Human Expertise in Service-oriented Systems.

3. Bridging Socially-Enhanced Virtual Communities.

4. Data integrity proofs in cloud storage.

5. Efficient Computing of Range Aggregates against Uncertain Location Based Collections.

6. Exploring Application-Level Semantics for Data Compression.

7. Improving Aggregate Recommendation Diversity Using Ranking-Based Techniques.

8. Integration of Sound Signature in Graphical Password Authentication System.

9. Monitoring Service Systems from a Language-Action Perspective.

10. One Size Does Not Fit All Towards User- and Query-Dependent Ranking For Web Databases.

11. Optimal Service Pricing for a Cloud Cache.

12. A Personalized Ontology Model for Web Information Gathering.

13. Publishing Search Logs-A Comparative Study of Privacy Guarantees.

14. Scalable Scheduling of Updates in Streaming Data Warehouse.

15. The Awareness Network, To Whom Should I Display My Actions? And, Whose Actions Should I Monitor?.

16. The World in a Nutshell Concise Range Queries.

17. A Unified Probabilistic Framework for Name Disambiguation in Digital Library.

18. Effective Navigation of Query Results Based on Concept Hierarchies.

19. Bridging Domains Using World Wide Knowledge for Transfer Learning.

20. Automatic Template Extraction from Heterogeneous Web Pages.

21. Mining Web Graphs for Recommendations.

22. Horizontal Aggregations in SQL to prepare Data Sets for Data Mining Analysis.

23. Document Clustering in Correlations Similarity Measure Space.

24. Scalable learning of collective behavior.

25. Query Planning for Continuous Aggregation Queries over a Network of Data Aggregators.

26. A Query Formulation Language for Data web.

27. On the Complexity of View Update Analysis and its Application to Annotation Propagation.

28. Concise Range Queries.

29. A Link Analysis Extension of Correspondence Analysis for Mining Relational Databases.

30. Exploring Application-Level Semantics for Data Compression.




31. Network Coding Based Privacy Preservation against Traffic Analysis in Multi-hop Wireless Networks.

32. Throughput Optimization in High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA).

33. Distributed Adaptation of Quantized Feedback for Downlink Network MIMO Systems.

34. A Spatiotemporal Approach for Secure Range Queries in Tiered Sensor Networks.




35. Live Streaming with Receiver-based Peer-division Multiplexin.

36. Continuous Neighbor Discovery in Asynchronous Sensor Networks.

37. Jamming-Aware Traffic Allocation for Multiple-Path Routing Using Portfolio Selection.




38. A Policy Enforcing Mechanism for Trusted Ad Hoc Network.

39. A Tamper-Resistant Programming Language System.

40. Adaptive Fault Tolerant QoS Control Algorithms for Maximizing System Lifetime of Query-Based Wireless Sensor Networks.

41. Robust Correlation of Encrypted Attack Traffic through Stepping Stones by Flow Watermarking.

42. The Geometric Efficient Matching Algorithm for Firewalls.




43. Vulnerability Analysis in SOA-based Business Processes.

42. Automated Certification for Compliant Cloud-based Business Processes.




45. Improved division by invariant integers.

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