Toward Optimal Network Fault Correction in Externally Managed Overlay Networks Parallel & Distributed 2010/ .Net
Slow Adaptive OFDMA Systems Through Chance Constrained Programming Network 2010/ .Net
Multicast Multi-path Power Efficient Routing in Mobile ADHOC Networks Network Security 2010/ .Net
Maximizing Rewards in Wireless Networks with Energy and Timing Constraints for Periodic Data Streams Mobile Computing 2010/ .Net
Edge Adaptive Image Steganography Based on LSB Matching Revisited Network Security 2010/ .Net
Secure Distance-Based Localization in the Presence of Cheating Beacon Nodes Mobile Computing 2010/ .Net
Predictive Network Anomaly Detection and Visualization Network Security 2010/ .Net
Enabling Efficient Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing in Wireless Mesh Networks Mobile Computing 2010/ .Net
SVD-Based Universal Spatial Domain Image Steganalysis Network Security 2010/ .Net
Steward: Scaling Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Replication to Wide Area Networks Network Security 2010/ .Net
Power Control and Channel Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks with Primary Users’ Cooperation Mobile Computing 2010/ .Net
A Survey on the Encryption of Converge cast Traffic with In-Network Processing Network Security 2010/ .Net
Cost Analysis of Short Message Retransmissions Mobile Computing 2010/ .Net
In-Depth Packet Inspection Using a Hierarchical Pattern Matching Algorithm Network Security 2010/ .Net
Multiple RFID Tags Access Algorithm Mobile Computing 2010/ .Net
Step Construction of Visual Cryptography Schemes Network Security 2010/ .Net
Quantifying Impact of Mobility on Data Availability in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Mobile Computing 2010/ .Net
Reversible Image Watermarking Using Interpolation Technique Network Security 2010/ .Net
High-Rate Uncorrelated Bit Extraction for Shared Secret Key Generation from Channel Measurements Mobile Computing 2010/ .Net
Beacon-Assisted Spectrum Access with Cooperative Cognitive Transmitter and Receiver Mobile Computing 2010/ .Net
Integration of False Data Detection With Data Aggregation and Confidential Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks Network 2010/ .Net
S4: Small State and Small Stretch Compact Routing Protocol for Large Static Wireless Networks Network 2010/ .Net
SybilLimit: A Near-Optimal Social Network Defense Against Sybil Attacks Network 2010/ .Net
Fast Algorithms for Resource Allocation in Wireless Cellular Networks Network 2010/ .Net
Distributed Algorithms for Minimum Cost Multicast With Network Coding Network 2010/ .Net
Minimizing Delay and Maximizing Lifetime for Wireless Sensor Networks With Any cast Network 2010/ .Net
Replication Routing in DTNs: A Resource Allocation Approach Network 2010/ .Net
A Fitting Report Position Scheme for the Gated IPACT Dynamic Bandwidth Algorithm in EPONs Network 2010/ .Net
POPI: A User-Level Tool for Inferring Router Packet Forwarding Priority Network 2010/ .Net
Always Acyclic Distributed Path Computation Network 2010/Java



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MD5: A08CA3848A680AB3EC4A188AC3D36F8D


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MD5: 40B22246837E192B015C541C260480F1


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