1 Efficient Routing In Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks: The Multiple Copy Case[Mobile Computing] 2008/ .Net
2 A Distributed and Scalable Routing Table Manager for the Next Generation of IP Routers 2008/ .Net
3 Watermarking Relational Databases Using Optimization Based Techniques 2008/ .Net
4 A New Model for Dissemination of XML Content 2008/ .Net
5 Efficient 2-D Grayscale Morphological Transformations with Arbitraly Flat Structuring Elements 2008/ .Net
6 Fuzzy Control Model Optimization for Behavior-Constent Traffic Routing Under Information Provision 2008/ .Net
7 Rate Allocation & Network Lifetime Problem for Wireless Sensor Networks 2008/ .Net
8 Vision Based Processing For Real-Time 3-D Data Acquisition Based On Coded Structured Light 2008/ .Net
9 Probabilistic Packet Marking For Large Scale IP Trace Back 2008/ .Net
10 Estimation of Defects Based On Defect Decay Model: ED3M 2008/ .Net
11 Active Learning Methods for Interactive Image Retrieval 2008/ .Net
12 Orthogonal Data Embedding For Binary Images in Morphological Transforms Domain A High Capacity Approach 2008/ .Net
13 Efficient Resource Allocation For Wireless Multicast 2008/ .Net
14 Localized Sensor Area Coverage With Low Communication Overhead 2008/ .Net
15 Trustworthy Computing Under Resource Constraints With The Down Policy 2008/ .Net
16 Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Hidden Markov Models 2008/ .Net
17 Statistical Techniques for Detecting Traffic Anomalies through Packet Header Data 2008/ .Net
18 HBA Distributed Metadata Management for Large Cluster-Based Storage Systems 2008/ .Net
19 Temporal Portioning of Communication Resources in an Integrated Architecture 2008/ .Net
20 Hardware enhanced association rule mining with Hashing and Pipelining 2008/ .Net
21 A Novel Framework for Semantic Annotation and Personalized Retrieval of Sports Video 2008/ .Net


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