IEEE Project Titles

S.N. IEEE 2009 Project Titles Domain Lang/Year
1. A Gen2-based RFID Authendication Protocol for Security and Privacy Mobile Computing 2009/.Net
2. A Tabu Searching Algorithm For Cluster Building in Wirless Sensor Networks Mobile Computing 2009/.Net
3. Analysis of Shortest Path Routing for Larg Multi-Hop Wirless Networks Network Computing 2009/.Net
4. Biased Random Walks in Uniform Wirless Networks Mobile Computing 2009/.Net
5. Cell Breathing Techniques for Load Balancing in Wirless LANs Mobile Computing 2009/.Net
6. Compaction of Schedules and a Two-Stage Approach for Duplication-Based DAG Scheduling Distribute Computing 2009/.Net
7. Delay Analysis for Maximal Scheduling With Flow Control in Wireless Networks With Bursty Traffic Network Computing 2009/.Net
8. Energy Maps For Mobile Wirless Networks Mobile Computing 2009/.Net
9. Enforcing Minimum-Cost Multicast Routing against Shelfish Information Flows Distribute Computing 2009/.Net
10. Explicit Load Balancing Technique for NGEO Satellite Ip Networks With On-Board Processing Capabilities Network Computing 2009/.Net
11. Greedy Routing with Anti-Void Traversal for Wirless Sensor Networks Mobile Computing 2009/.Net
12. Information Content-Based Sensor Selection and Transmission Power Adjustment for Collaborative Target Tracking Mobile Computing 2009/.Net
13. Local Construction of Near-Optimal Power Spanners for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Mobile Computing 2009/.Net
14. Movement-Assisted Connectivity Restoration in Wireless Sensor and Distribute Computing 2009/.Net
15. On the Planning of Wireless Sensor Networks Energy-Efficient Clustering under the Joint Rout Mobile Computing 2009/.Net
16. Performance of Orthogonal Fingerprinting Codes under Worst-Case Noise Secure Computing 2009/.Net
17. PRESTO Feedback-Driven Data Management in Sensor Networks Network Computing 2009/.Net
18. Random Cast An Energy Efficient Communication Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Mobile Computing 2009/.Net
19. Resequencing Analysis of Stop-and-Wait ARQ for Parallel Multichannel Communications Network Computing 2009/.Net
20. Resource Allocation in OFDMA Wireless Communications Systems Supporting Multimedia Services Network Computing 2009/.Net
21. Route Stability in MANETs under the Random Direction Mobility Model Mobile Computing 2009/.Net
22. Secure and Policy-Complaint Source Routing Network Computing 2009/.Net
23. Single-Link Failure Detection in All-Optical Networks Using Network Computing 2009/.Net
24. Spread-Spectrum Watermarking Security Secure Computing 2009/.Net
25. The Effectiveness of Checksums for Embedded Control Networks Secure Computing 2009/.Net
26. Two Blocking Algorithm on Adaptive Binary Splitting Single and Pair Resolutions for RFID Tag Identification Network Computing 2009/.Net
27. Virus Spread in Networks Network Computing 2009/.Net
28. Capturing Router Congestion and Delay Network Computing 2009/Java
29. Continuous Monitoring of Spatial Queries in Wireless Broadcast Mobile Computing 2009/Java
30. Energy Maps For Mobile Wireless networks coherence Time Versues Spreding Period Mobile Computing 2009/Java
31. Energy-Efficient SINR-Based Routing for Multihop Wireless Mobile Computing 2009/Java
32. Evaluating the Vulnerability of Network Traffic Using Joint Network Computing 2009/Java
33. Large Connectivity for Dynamic Random Geometric Graphs Mobile Computing 2009/Java
34. Measuring Capacity Bandwidth of Targeted Path Segments Network Computing 2009/Java
35. Mitigation of Control Channel Jamming Under Node Capture Attacks Mobile Computing 2009/Java
36. Mobility Management Approaches for Mobile IP Networks Mobile Computing 2009/Java
37. Multiple Routing Configurations for Fast IP Network Recovery Network Computing 2009/Java
38. Residual-Based Estimation of Peer and Link Lifetimes in P2P Networks Network Computing 2009/Java
39. SIMPS Using Sociology for Personal Mobility Mobile Computing 2009/Java
40. Spatio-Temporal Network Anomaly Detection by Assessing Deviations of Empirical Measures Network Computing 2009/Java
S.N. IEEE 2008 Project Titles Domain Lang/Year
1. A Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement Network Computing 2008/Java
2. Intrusion Detection in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Mobile Computing 2008/Java
3. Bandwidth Estimation for IEEE 802.11-Based Ad Hoc Networks Mobile Computing 2008/Java
4. Location Based Spatial Query Processing In Wireless Broadcast Environments Mobile Computing 2008/Java
5. Modeling & Automated Containment of Worms Secure Computing 2008/Java
6. Benefit Based Data Caching In Ad Hoc Networks Network Computing 2008/Java
7. Minimizing File Download Time in Stochastic Peer-to-Peer Networks Network Computing 2008/Java
8. Rate & Delay Guarantees Provided By Close Packet Switches with Load Balancing Network Computing 2008/Java
9. Performance of a Speculative Transmission Scheme for Scheduling-Latency Reduction Network Computing 2008/Java
10. QUIVER Consistent Object Sharing For Edge Services Distribute Computing 2008/Java
11. Truth Discovery with multiple Conflicting Information Providers on web Data Mining 2008/J2EE
12. Estimation of Defects Based On Defect Decay Model ED3M Software Engineering 2008/.Net
13. HBA Distributed Metadata Management for Large Cluster-Based Storage Systems Distribute Computing 2008/.Net
14. Rate Allocation & Network Lifetime Problem for Wireless Sensor Networks Network Computing 2008/.Net
15. Dual-Link Failure Resiliency through Backup Link Mutual Exclusion Network Computing 2008/Java
16. Orthogonal Data Embedding for Binary Images in Morphological Transform Domain-A High-Capacity Approach Multimedia Computing 2008/.Net
17. Trustworthy Computing Under Resource Constraints With The Down Policy Secure Computing 2008/.Net
18. Localized Sensor Area Coverage With Low Communication Overhead Mobile Computing 2008/.Net
19. Active Learning Methods for Interactive Image Retrieval Image Processing 2008/.Net
20. Vision Based Processing For Real-Time 3-D Data Acquisition Based On Coded Structured Light Image Processing 2008/.Net
21. Hardware enhanced association rule mining with Hashing and Pipelining Data Mining 2008/.Net
22. Efficient Resource Allocation For Wireless Multicast Mobile Computing 2008/.Net
23. A Novel Framework for Semantic Annotation and Personalized Retrieval of Sports Video Multimedia 2008/.Net
24. A Distributed And Scalable Routing Table Manager For The Next Generation Of IP Routers Network 2008/.Net
25. A New Model For Dissemination Of XML Content Secure Computing 2008/.Net
26. Efficient 2-D Grayscale Morphological Transformations With Arbitraly Flat Structuring Elements Image Processing 2008/.Net
27. Efficient Routing In Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks The Multiple Copy Case Networking 2008/.Net
28. Watermarking Relational Databases Using Optimization Based Techniques Data Mining 2008/.Net
29. Bandwidth Efficient Video Multicasting in Multiradio Muilticellular Wireless Mobile Computing 2008/Java
30. Fuzzy Control Model Optimization for Behavior-Constent Traffic Routing Under Information Provision Transportation System 2008/.Net
31. An Efficient Association Rule Mining Algorithm In Distributed Databases Data Mining 2008/Java
32. BRA A Bidirectional Routing Abstraction for Asymmetric Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Network Computing 2008/Java
33. Temporal Partioning of Communication Resources in an Integrated Architecture Secure Computing 2008/.Net
34. Controlling IP Spoofing Through Inter Domain Packet Filters Secure Computing 2008/Java
35. Probabilistic Packet Marking For Large Scale IP Trace Back Network Comouting 2008/.Net
36. Statistical Techniques for Detecting Traffic Anomalies through Packet Header Data Network Computing 2008/.Net
37. Securing User-Controlled Routing Infrastructures Network Computing 2008/Java
38. Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Hidden Markov Models Secure Computing 2008/.Net
39. Security in large Mediator Protocols Network Computing 2008/Java
40. A Signature-Based Indexing Method for Efficient Content-Based Retrieval of Relative Temporal Pattern Data Mining 2008/J2EE
41. Two Techniques for Fast Computation of Constrained Shortest Paths Network Computing 2008/Java
42. Protection of Database Security via Collaborative Inference Detection Secure Computing 2008/J2EE
43. Efficient and Secure Content Processing and Distribution by Cooperative Intermediaries Distribute Computing 2008/Java
44. Online Index Recommendations for High-Dimensional Databases Using Query Workloads Data Mining 2008/J2EE
45. Scalable and Efficient End-To-End Network Topology Inference Network Computing 2008/Java
S.N. 2002 to 2007 IEEE Project Titles Domain Lang/Year

Distributed cache updating for the Dynamic source routing protocol

Distribute Computing Java/2006
2. An Adaptive Programming Model for Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing Secure Computing Java/2007
3. Face Recognition Using Laplacian faces Image Processing Java/2005
4. Predictive Job Scheduling in a Connection Limited System using Parallel Genetic Algorithm Network Computing Java/2005
Image Processing Techniques for the Detection and Removal of Cracks in Digitized Paintings
Image Processing . Net/2006
6. A Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation Mobile Networks Network Computing Java/2004

Noise Reduction by Fuzzy Image Filtering

Image Processing Java/2006
8. Online Handwritten Script Recognition Image Processing Java/2004
9. ODAM: An Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining Algorithm Data Mining Java/2004
10. Structure and Texture Filling-In of Missing Image Blocks in Wireless Transmission and Compression App Image Processing Java/2004
11. An Agent Based Intrusion Detection, Response and Blocking using signature method in Active Networks Network Computing Java/2006
12. ITP: An Image Transport Protocol for the Internet Network Computing Java/2002
13. Hybrid Intrusion Detection with Weighted Signature Generation over Anomalous Internet Episodes (HIDS) Secure Computing J2EE/2007
14. Network border patrol: preventing congestion collapse and promoting fairness in the Internet Network Computing Java/2004
15. Application of BPCS steganography to wavelet compressed video Secure Computing Java/2004
26. Neural Networks for Unicode Optical Character Recognition Image Processing . Net/2004
27. An Acknowledgment-Based Approach For The Detection Of Routing Misbehavior In MANETs Network Computing Java/2007
28. XTC: A Practical Topology Control Algorithm for Ad-Hoc Networks Network Computing Java/2004
29. A near-optimal multicast scheme for mobile ad hoc networks using a hybrid genetic algorithm Network Computing Java/2005
20. Mobile Agents In Distributed Multimedia Database Systems Multimedia Java/2004
21. Image Stream Transfer Using Real-Time Transmission Protocol Image Processing Java/2006

Personal Authentication Using 3-D Finger Geometry

Image Processing Java/2006
23. Efficient Broadcasting with Guaranteed Coverage in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Network Computing

. Net/2005

24. A Memory Learning Framework for Effective Image Retrieval Image Processing Java/2005
25. Personal Identification Based On Iris Texture Analysis Image Processing Java/2003
26. GHIC A Hierarchical Pattern-Based Clustering Algorithm for Grouping Web Transactions Data Mining Java/2005
27. Workflow Mining Discovering Process Models from Event Logs Data Mining .Net/2004
28. Identification of Humans Using Gait Image Processing Java/2004
29. Location Aided Routing In Mobile AD-HOC Networks Network Computing Java/2004
30. Neural Network Based Face Detection Image Processing VC++/2002
IEEE Reference Projects
31. Genetic Algorithm Based Train Simulation Using Concurrent Engineering Network Computing Java
32. Image Compression and De-compression Image Processing Java
33. Network Component For XML Migration Network Computing Java
34. Java water marking and image combustion Image Processing Java
35. Edge Detection in Images with Wavelet Transform Image Processing VC++
36. Neural Network for Recognition of Handwritten and Digits Image Processing VC++
37. Back Propagation Neural Network for Image Recognition Image Processing C# .Net
38. Steganography for Hiding Data in Wave Audio Files Secure Computing C# .Net
39. Multiple Ant Colonies Optimization for Load Balancing in Distributed Systems Network Computing C# .Net
40. Image Processing for Edge Detection Image Processing C# .Net
41. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Implementation System C# .Net
42. Cryptographically Safe Server Client Protocol Secure Computing VC++
43. Hiding messages in the Noise of a Picture Secure Computing C# .Net
44. Performance Evaluation of RMI Network Computing Java
45. Public Key Validation for DNS security Extension Network Computing Java
46. Java Visual Editor and Compiler Tool System Java
47. Homogenous Network Control and Implementation Network Computing Java
48. Hopfield model of neural network for pattern recognition Image Processing C# .Net
49. Intrusion Detection Prevention And Traceback Systems Network Computing VB, C++
50. Image Processing for Convolution Filters Image Processing C# .Net


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