IEEE Project Title’s – 2003

A Shrinking-Based Approach for Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis. Yong Shi, Yuqing Song, Aidong Zhang. VLDB 2003. (data mining)

Adaptive, Hands-Off Stream Mining. Spiros Papadimitriou, Anthony Brockwell, Christos Faloutsos. VLDB 2003. (data quality, data mining)

COMBI-Operator: Database Support for Data Mining Applications. Alexander Hinneburg, Wolfgang Lehner, Dirk Habich. VLDB 2003. (data mining)

Checks and Balances: Monitoring Data Quality Problems in Network Traffic Databases. Flip Korn, S. Muthukrishnan, Yunyue Zhu. VLDB 2003. (data quality, data mining)

Data Bubbles for Non-Vector Data: Speeding-up Hierarchical Clustering in Arbitrary Metric Spaces. Jianjun Zhou, Jörg Sander. VLDB 2003. (data mining)

Feasible itemset distributions in data mining: theory and application. Ganesh Ramesh, William Maniatty, Mohammed Javeed Zaki. PODS 2003. (integration and mining)

How to quickly find a witness. Daniel Kifer, Johannes Gehrke, Cristian Bucila, Walker M. White. PODS 2003. (integration and mining)

On the decidability and complexity of query answering over inconsistent and incomplete databases. Andrea Calì, Domenico Lembo, Riccardo Rosati. PODS 2003. (integration and mining)

Systematic Development of Data Mining-Based Data Quality Tools. Dominik Lübbers, Udo Grimmer, Matthias Jarke. VLDB 2003. (data quality, data mining)

What’s hot and what’s not: tracking most frequent items dynamically. Graham Cormode, S. Muthukrishnan. PODS 2003. (integration and mining)


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